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Photo Gallery - Our Local Honourable Mention


Our Local Nomination
June 15, 2013



Nominee: Local 504 Stewards and Activists

Rationale for Nomination:

We are a very active Local. For example, our Local Executive Committee has weekly scheduled meetings every Wednesday at Noon till 1:00pm.

Our mission is to make a difference for our members and to further the cause and spirit of unionism.

Our members take seriously elections for the Local Executive Committee and whom they vote for. As a result, our Local Executive Committee takes seriously the members' concerns/issues and represents well the spirit of unionism.

Our Local's Concerns and Agenda are dynamic and more importantly are flexible and responsive to issues that arise such as those from Head Office and from members' Local concerns.

Our Executive Committee's standard agenda items are excellent and have included Local Issues (e.g. Surplus members, Member Issues and Grievances, General Expenses, Local Committees), as well as Upcoming Events and Training. The officers of the local recognize the time and effort we all provide to our membership. Occasion to show our appreciation we reward and acknowledge our stewards at the meeting by providing snacks, lunch or to celebrate birthdays or life events.

We work collaboratively to support each other.

We are realists because we recognize that our employers' work is what keeps us around and accordingly we try to balance the employers' workload with the members' issues.

We host many events and functions to ensure that our members are well informed as well as to ensure that some fun is had. Some of our regular events include: Valentines Solidarity Breakfast, Holiday Party, and Lunch and Learns. Also, we celebrated OPSEUs 100th Anniversary in an event where we provided all members with a loot bag, slice of cake, a light lunch as well as a beverage.