Local Committees

We have organized some committees to manage some our local activities.

Chair: Joe Mason
Organize, develop and propose local by-laws consistent with OPSEU's constitution.

Chair: Eleanor Guzman
Produce newsletters, maintain the website, work with the social committee in preparing the communication to all the members about events, keep members well informed.

Chair: Joe Mason
Develop and maintain policies for handling of grievances. In most if not all cases, the Chief Steward is the Chair.

Health and Safety
Chair: Sergio Campanile
Maintain current information and research, and organize campaigns around health and safety issues, and to provide support to our lo-cal members. Liaison with management for bi-monthly Joint Health and Safety meetings.

Chair: Colleen Prince
Develop and Co-ordinate events for our local members. Events can include: General Mem-bership meetings, Lunch and Learns, Infor-mation meetings and Holiday party.

Chair: Joe Mason
Local Employee Relations Committee (LERC) is to meet with local management to resolve is-sues that have been brought forward to stew-ards. Issues not resolved at the Local level may be referred to the MERC.

Chair: Vacant
OPSEU Locals represent a wide range of work-places that come together in “area councils” to be a combined force at the municipal level.

Toronto&York Region Labour Council
Chair: Vacant
Central labour body whose mandate is to or-ganize and advocate on issues that are vital to working people throughout the region.